Copper Patch Cord Fiber Optic Patch Cord

MTP/MPO (LX4051)

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Product Description

LASUN MTP/MPO  trunk cable components refer to the two ends of the cable are using multi- MPO/MTP Connectors which comply to the Telcordia-GR-326, IEC standard and ROHS requirements, 

Conducive to the rapid deployment of optical fiber infrastructure and data center environment, Suit for  high density cabling systems, high performance Plug-and-play architecture effectively reduces the 

installation and ongoing maintenance costs. Widely used in pre-end bridge connection between the 

workstation and high density optical fiber circuit management, data centers, local area network, wide 

area network clients etc.

Product Features

1,High quality ferrules, precise alignment PIN ,male(with Pin),female(without Pin);

2,Smooth upgrade from 10G to 40G, 100G networks, and supports the 100G transmission delay index;

3,Low insertion loss, complete the connection in the factory, and a full set of stringent testing ;

4,Optional main cable structure of 12-144 core multi core cables,  per 12 increment cores;    Optical fiber core cable increasing by every 12 cores.

5,Using a small round diameter structure, achieved smaller backbone cable bending radius ,

 allows storage and easy laying quickly, minimizing failure and reduced cabling space.

6,SM G652D,G657A fibers and MM OM3, OM4 for choice;

7, MPO/MTP optional connectors, pre-connect design, easy to install,  short duration;

8, Good interchangeability and mutual plug;

9, In accordance with customer needs, customized length of cable;

10, Unique compression, tensile strength, water blocking,which effectively protect the optical fiber 

 cable and optical fiber connectors are not damaged during transportation and

installation, ensure that the use of process quality and stability.

11,LSZH ,PVC for choice.

MPO/MTP Advantages at a Glance



Pre-connectorized assemblies

Pre-connectorized MPO/MTP® assemblies

for reduced installation time with plug &

play functionality.                        

Optimized air circulation

Ribbon cable MPO/MTP® Patch cords, FanOuts and Harness‘ with a reduced cable

diameter consuming less space in cable ducts, conduits and path ways for opti

-mized air circulation in raised-floors.

Connection Type:

Type A Straight-Through MPO Trunk Cable :

Key-Up to Key-Down Adapters, 1 x A to B Duplex Patch Cable and 1 x A to A Duplex Patch Cable.


Type B Cross MPO Trunk Cable:

Key-Up to Key-Up Adapters and 2 x A to A Duplex Patch Cable.


Type C Cross Pair MPO Trunk Cable:

Key-Up to Key-Down Adapters and 2 x A to A Duplex Patch Cable.





①MPO/MTP Female connector ②Φ3.0mm Boot ③Number Label ④Φ3.0mm Tubing – within 12 Fibers⑤Heat Shrink Tubing ⑥Fiber cable
* Remark:
· The default diameter of ④ is Φ3.0mm.
· The default color of the single mode MPO connector is Green.
· The diameter of branch cable could be choosen as 0.9mm,2.0mm.
· We can also custom the pulling eyes, welcome to contact us if you need.
Cable Color:
Standard trunk cables: OS1/2-yellow, OM1/2-orange, OM3/4-Aqua.

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