Shanghai Stock Exchange Carry out Research in Economic Development

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       The directors of Shanghai Stock Exchange Marketing Services and local Finance Bureau went to LASUN Communication Co., LTD, Anhui Clean Energy Co., LTD , Fuyin New Material Co., LTD and other companies to conduct a survey about the issue of IPO in 10th July, Zhoujun, the Deputy County Mayor of Taihu County People's Government companied.
       The directors of Shanghai Stock Exchange Marketing Services canvassed the corporation's management situation, the head of our company made a report of the corporation's management situation , ownership structure and he expressed that we have a clear listing target and we are trying our best to make a plan.

       Huang Fan, the director of  Anhui Clean Energy Co., LTD introduced the products and the values to the relevant persons of Shanghai Stock Exchange Marketing Services. Besides, he also analysed the domestic markets. 

The head of Fuyin New Material Co., LTD gave a details of the products, and six lines of production are in operation now. It is estimated that the production can reach about 20 million RMB after fifty-four production lines going into operation. And the company is also planning listing.

The Heads of County Investment and Economic Development Bureau take the survey.

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