Anhui Lasun Communication Co., Ltd-held the 2019 management upgrade and team cooperation training camp opening ceremony!

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       On the morning of July 15, 2019, in order to strengthen the enterprise culture construction of Anhui Lasun Communication Co., Ltd, improve the coordination and organization ability of the team, and build the "excellent management team". Anhui Lasun Communication Co., Ltd organized nearly 120 employees to hold a class opening ceremony of management upgrading and team cooperation special training camp.

      This training invited Shi Chanjuan, deputy director of taihu Economic and Technological Information Bureau, and Zhu Yongxin, the chief of the Employment Protection Unit of Taihu People's Social Security Bureau, as participants to join in and guide the training. At the same time, senior enterprise management consultant Chen xiaohua was invited to give training and lectures.

In this training, the two leaders as guests delivered an important speech, The deputy director of Taihu economic, science and technology information bureau, Shi Chanjuan said, "Anhui Lasun Communication Co., Ltd news first introduced the management upgrade training, is a modern enterprise to the management of quality, safety, and efficiency of the positive response. The county bureau of economic science and information will support it actively."

      The county human resources and social security department employment security unit, Zhu Yongxin said: Anhui Lasun Communication Co., Ltd news introduction management upgrade and team cooperation training mode, is one of the few enterprises in our county park, the county human resources and social security bureau will continue to support on "employment and skills training".

The first one on the left, Shi Chanjuan, deputy director of taihu Economic and Technological Information Bureau

The second person on the right, Zhu Yongxin, the chief of the Employment Protection Unit of Taihu People's Social Security Bureau

    In enterprise management, human resource is the communicator and executor of the core competitiveness and corporate culture. Anhui Lasun Communication Co., ltd. is a professional enterprise mainly engaged in the production of communication wire and polymer materials. Since its completion in September 2018, it has achieved an output value of 44 million yuan and paid 700,000 yuan in tax. It was approved as a regulated enterprise in the same year. With the continuous expansion of the scale and the rapid increase of production capacity, the number of employees has soared; The enterprise attaches great importance to personnel training and technological innovation, and how to rapidly improve the middle and senior management, executive ability and the level of the entire management system of the company is the top priority for the company to solve the operation efficiency. This training is also carried out on the premise of solving this strategic goal. Only by accelerating the management upgrading, can the enterprise ensure its sustainability.

    This training is different from general classroom learning. It is an “interactive experience” training that allows everyone to understand the joy and thinking process. From the practice of push-ups, tongue-twisting and trust-backing, the personnel of each department in the activity are automatically assigned to each small team, which greatly enhances the sense of teamwork and collaboration. Everyone is united, a good attitude, effective communication, and strong execution, so that each team has achieved impressive results. It also achieved the expected goals and effects of the training.

    "Integrity, pragmatism, efficiency, innovation, and win-win" is the core value of Anhui Lasun Communication Co., Ltd. Honesty is the foundation of Anhui Lasun Communication Co., Ltd business for more than ten years. Pragmatic is the fine tradition of Anhui Lasun employees: Dare to promise, take responsibility, seek truth from facts; efficiency is the law of market competition: Fast execution, outstanding effect; Anhui Lasun is outstanding for innovation; win-win is the ultimate goal of Anhui Lasun Communication Co., Ltd. Through this activity, it also fully demonstrates the core value culture of the company.

Summary of the meeting

Someone once said: "How deep is the participation, how deep is the understanding; how much is paid, how much is harvested; never experienced, not experience." After the expansion activity, each colleague spoke actively to share his own experience and perception. Finally, the unity probably is: we have to be farther away from others in the peers, act faster than others, persist longer than others, take a more serious attitude than others, be more motivated than others, do more than others, work more consciously than others, and use more flexible methods than others... Will make our team from good to excellent.

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