The care and love make coolness in the hot summer- Taihu County leaders went out to cheer up for the high temperature.

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The sun is scorching hot, and the weather is brutal. Since the beginning of summer, the continuous high temperature weather has brought many conveniences, especially for the staff who are working on the front-line.

At the afternoon in 1st Aug, the director of Taihu County Economic Development Zone County Committee Standing Committee Development Zone Management Committee Jujie Zhao, arrived at Anhui Shenlian Communication Co.,Ltd for cheering up in the hot summer with the County guarantee company and management committee. Their presence bring coolness and give love and care to the staff who are working on the front-line. What’s more, they also provide heatstoke medicine, drinks and so on with all the colleagues.

Diretor Zhao also emphasized that more care should be given to the staff in hot summer to make sure their mental and physical health, and we need to try our best to create better working and living environments for the front line staff to stop the accident due to the high temperature and ensure the safety and order in the production lines.

 John Wei, the board chairman of Anhui Shenlian Communication Co.,Ltd was talking to Jujie Zhao, the director of Taihu Committee.   

Director Zhao of  Taihu Committee was giving away the cooling purposes supplies to the staff of Anhui Shenlian Communication Co.,Ltd

This activity not only brings coolness but also inspire their enthusiasm for work.

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