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Anyone who has done the integrated wiring knows that the termination of the module is not easy!

 In the construction process, there will be various difficulties, such as:

 1. the working environment is bad -- low workspace information board location, cabinets between dark, messy, dust, the construction process is miserable; 

2. The installation needs to use professional tools -- the wire batting module needs to be finished one by one according to the order of color standard with professional wire batting knife. If any core wire is not done well, it needs to be reworked, and the construction time is very long. In addition, the tangential function of the wire batting knife also poses a safety risk. 

3. Construction quality is difficult to guarantee -- the end connection quality of the module depends on the maintenance of strand spacing. The standard requires that the strand spacing of the 6 types of network cables should be less than 6.4mm, and that of the 6A network cables should be shorter, which will cause construction difficulties and reduce construction efficiency. In the case that the construction quality cannot be tested and supervised, the construction personnel will give priority to the faster and simpler construction method, and the construction quality cannot be guaranteed. 

Faced with the difficulties encountered in these constructions, Anhui LASUN Communication Co., Ltd has launched the hands-free video intimate teaching, which allows you can easily and quickly get the module end up!

Video link:

Tools: stripping pliers, small scissors

Usage steps:
Step 1: Use a wire stripper to strip a jacket from the six types of unshielded cables, and then separate the four pairs of twisted pairs with scissors to cut off the cross frame.

Step 2: Insert the 8 core wires in turn with the colors of T568B or T568A line sequence on the cable clamp (note that after the core wires are stuck in, the extra core wires of length should be cut out)

Step 3: Take the module body and fasten it to the top of the cable clamp according to the direction of the indicator mark, and press the sides of the module with a little force to close it.

Step 4: Tie the cable and patch panel.

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