Lasun Communication’s Indoor Fiber Optical Cable with Aramid Yarn Embedded in Its Sheath Comes on Stream!

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Indoor fiber optical cable GJYFH-2A1b with aramid yarn embedded in Its sheath is successfully developed and comes on stream!

Hefei Lasun Communication Co., Ltd under Lasun Group has top-ranking equipment and professional technology team for indoor and outdoor fiber optical cable manufacturing and developing. From our customer’s demands, the new model is developed and customized by our technology team. Based on the FTTx horizontal cabling requirements, our technology team analyzed the product’s optic, mechanical, environmental and material performance and developed the product that meets the requirements after many times of trial production, testing, modification of process and verification. Besides, now we have achieved the mass production of the indoor fiber optical cable with aramid yarn embedded in its LSZH sheath. 

The outer sheath material of the new model is LSZH whose performances conform to the EU and international standards. With six aramid yarns uniformly distributed and embedded in the outer sheath, the new model’s performances meet international standards YDT 1258.3-2009 、IEC60794、IEC60793, and its quality reaches international advanced level. Having passed the testing and got the confirmation from our company laboratory, third -party laboratory and our customer, now the new model’s mass production is available, and the customer has placed the order with us. Up to now, most goods of the order has been finished and it meets the customer’s requirements.

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