Nearly 10dB, Crosstalk Margin, the CAT8 Cable from Anhui LASUN.

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Through continuous efforts of Anhui LASUN’s R&D team, the performance of CAT8 network cable has been greatly improved and the crosstalk margin has reached nearly 10dB, reaching the advanced level in the industry.

                       Cable structure of CAT8


                       The structure of the completed CAT8 copper patch cord

                       1.1.Cat 8 S/FTP 28AWG Fluke test report: 

                       2.Cat 8 S/FTP 26AWG Fluke test report:


                       3.Cat 8 S/FTP 24AWG Fluke Test Report:


                       4.Cat 8 S/FTP 22AWG Fluke Test Report:

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