Lasun Group carries out epidemic prevention and production resumption actively

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Under the strong leadership and support of the government, in the face of a sudden novel coronavirus outbreak, Lasun people are not in panic, but facing the virus actively.Under the circumstance of paying great attention to epidemic prevention, we overcame all kinds of difficulties and worked hard to resume production. On the sixth day of the first lunar month, all staff of the business department began to work from home and keep close communication with customers. On February 10, Hefei Lasun, as the first batch of enterprises in Hefei, began to resume work. On February 13, Anhui Lasun, as the first batch of Taihu County enterprises, began to resume work.

Spring is the beginning of a year, although this year's spring came a few days late, but eventually comes. Sow in the spring and reap in the autumn. Sow the seeds as quickly as possible, hoping that they will not affect the harvest in the autumn. 

During the days of work resumption, Lasun Group pay close attention to epidemic prevention work, never miss any details and put the epidemic prevention work in the highest priority, as well as normalize production as soon as possible.

The company is highly valued by the local leaders. The leaders at all levels guide us to help solve the problem personally. With the strong support of the government, we have confidence and determination to run and develop our business well in difficult times.

Cheng Xuedong, Deputy Director of Standing Committee of Anqing Municipal People's Congress, Cheng Zhixiang, Secretary of Taihu County party committee, Zhang Dahua, Director of Taihu County People's Congress, Zhao Junjie, Executive Director of Taihu County party committee, and other leaders inspected and guided the epidemic prevention and resumption of production of Lasun Group.

Li Yu, Head of Feixi County, and Lv Ge, member of the County Party Committee, inspected and guided the epidemic prevention and production resumption of Hefei Lasun.

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