LASUN won the title of "Top 10 Brands of China Cabling" and "Innovative Brand of Generic Cabling Technology"

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On 14th Jan. 2021, the 《2020 China Data Center and Cabling Brand List》officially announced the selection results. LASUN has won the two honorary titles of “2020 Annual Top 10 Brands of China Cabling” and “2020 Annual Innovative Brand of Generic Cabling Technology” for its excellent product performance and innovative solutions.

The selection of 《2020 China Data Center and Cabling Brand List》 is sponsored by Wanrui Wiring Network, co-organized by the National Cabling Association of various provinces, and dozens of industry top experts organize a special selection committee. Evaluated on multiple dimensions such as quality, market reputation, and enterprise scale from hundreds of participating enterprises. LASUN has won unanimous praise from all members of the selection committee for its excellent product performance and manufacturing process, as well as innovative IT infrastructure solutions.

During the year 2020, LASUN has further increased its investment in technological innovation, accelerated the introduction of outstanding talents of the industry, and further explored the performance of related cabling products through improved  processes and R&D of new materials, to surpass the similar products in quality from top brands in both domestically and internationally .

In the year of 2021, LASUN will continue to adhere to the operation philosophy of taking science and technology as the driving force, seeking recognition with integrity, and winning development with quality; Adhere to the quality policy of standardized management, high quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement; With the principle of continue to build“Win-Win”cooperation with customers. Continue to provide new and old customers with high-quality, cost-effective products and services.

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