LASUN assists the informatization construction of Fuzhou High-tech Zone Science and Technology Innovation Park

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The Science and Technology Innovation Park of Fuzhou High-tech Zone is a key project for the Fuzhou Municipal Government to promote regional economic development, promote the transformation of economic structure, drive population employment and accelerate the introduction of talents and technologies. After the project is completed, it is planned to attract a variety of emerging industries such as biomedicine, new energy and new material research and development, equipment manufacturing, software development, etc., to create a new economic growth point in Fuzhou. The second phase of the Science and Technology Innovation Park in the High-tech Zone covers a total area of 60,000 square meters, with a planned construction area of 110,000 square meters. The project construction includes a number of supporting sub-projects such as R&D center, standard workshop, staff canteen, dormitory, underground parking lot, green garden and so on.

Since the establishment of the second phase of this project, it has been highly valued by the Fuzhou Municipal Government, the relevant departments of the High-tech Zone and the project supervisor.The units and products participating in the bidding were strictly supervised. LASUN brand relies on excellent product quality, excellent market reputation, and rich cases in park construction, such as Foxconn Technology Park, Huawei Dongguan Factory, Heqi Jingdong Industrial Park, Jilin FAW New Energy Factory, etc., It has won the unanimous approval of relevant departments, project supervisors and construction parties,from many brands.


During the informatization construction of the second phase of the Science and Technology Innovation Park, LASUN brand provided the constructor with its high-performance 6-core outdoor optical cable, single-mode single-core/dual-core optical patch cord, and Category 5 180-degree intelligent unshielded modules. , Distribution Frame, Cable Management Frame and other products. It has completed the requirements of the second phase of the informatization construction of the Science and Technology Innovation Park to a high standard, and contributed to the construction of the Science and Technology Innovation Park of Fuzhou High-tech Zone.

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