Taihu County Head Zhu Xiaobing Attended the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Anhui Lasun Communication Co., Ltd

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In the morning of June 18th, Anhui LASUNCommunication Co., Ltd held the groundbreaking ceremony in Taihu economicdevelopment zone. The County Head Zhu Xiaobing attended the ceremony, andannounced the company's communication line project officially started, and laidthe foundation stone for the project by shovelling earth. Zhao Junjie, directorof the Administrative Committee of Taihu economic development zone, member ofthe County Standing Committee, made his speech. Wu Chaoliang, deputy directorof the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress; Lv Minghua, vice presidentof the County CPPCC; Wei Zhiming, president of Anhui LASUN Communication Co.,Ltd., persons in charge of Provincial Wire and Cable Chamber of Commerce andHefei Taihu Chamber of Commerce, responsible persons of County directly relateddepartments and other specially invited guests from all walks of life attendedthe ceremony. 

As far as we know communication wire andpolymer materials production project of Anhui Lasun Communication Co., Ltd,located in Taihu Economic and Development zone, covers an area of more than45000 square meters, with a total construction area of more than 49000 squaremeters. It is planned to purchase 9 polymer materials production lines, 5communication cable production lines, 1 fiber optic jumper cable productionline and 3 power cable production line. The project has a total investmentof 110 million, with construction in two phases. The first phase of the projectwill be completed and put into production in the first half of year 2018. Thesecond phase will be completed and put into production by the end of June in 2019.

Zhao Junjie, on behalf of County PartyCommittee and County Government, extended warm congratulations on thefoundation of the project. He said, Anhui Lasun Communications Co., Ltd. stationedin our county, is an importent achievement of our investment promotion work,and also a significant progress we have made on promoting industrialdevelopment. During the project’s construction, relative institutions should befully cooperate to strength the security of construction, and create afavarable environment for the project. As the lead of investment promotion,County Environmental Protection Agency should continue to serve the wholeprocess to ensure the smooth progress of the project. The project constructioncompany should strictly follow the engineering requirements, ensure safety andquality, implemente construction scientifically, and promote the progressefficiantlly, to gurantee the early start of production of the project.

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